Saturday, August 22, 2009

time is lightning

Just a blink of an eye, one year has passed and the last I could remember was me in Perlis celebrating Aidilfitri with my grandparents on my father’s side. It was unbelievable, how fast the time passes, it was almost as instant. In a few week, I’ll be seating for my final exam. I feel like I know nothing whenever I was sitting for exams such as the mid-year. I admit that I wasn’t really well prepared for the mid-year but I won’t allow that similar situation to happen again. I hope that this coming exam would be better than my mid year.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Poem…. How boring it is…. That used to be my thought, until I’ve learned something in this AUSMAT course about this so called ancient and traditional art of writing. Although I’ve learned literature components during my days at school, it didn’t however give any impact either on my feelings or my way of thinking concerning to it. All I knew on those days were to swallow and remember all the poets and their poems and some important facts relating to their works, so that I could vomit it out back during the exam. However, after my English teacher showed me some poems during English lesson created by poets that their names that I need not to remember, I felt as if the world turned around. I no longer live in a world of blindness. That English lesson on that particular day opened my eyes towards poetry world. Now, I’m learning to appreciate works done by poets as it is not easy to create a poem. The simplest poem that we can read is actually the hardest to produce. That’s what I can see through my lens. I don’t know about other people, but for me, poems are riddles created by the poets themselves by inviting and letting us to go into their world and those riddles could only be solved by letting ourselves walking in the poets’ shoes. It’s a wonderful feeling that we would likely get if we could solve one and we also would be restless if we can’t solve one. Poem is an art of writing and producing an art needs talent and creativity. One thing that still awe me until today is the method and ideas used by poets in presenting their works. Take this poem by Sylvia Plath. What could you conclude ? This is one awesome poem.

I’m a riddle in nine syllables

An elephant, a ponderous house,

A melon strolling on two tendrils.

O red fruit, ivory, fine timbers!

This loaf’s big with its yeasty rising,

Money’s new-minted in this fat pursue.

I’m a means, a stage, a cow in calf,

I’ve eaten a bag of green apples,

Boarded the train there’s no getting off.

*she is actually describing about herself of not being comfortable when she is pregnant. Awesome isn’t it…..??? nine syllables, nine lines and nine month of being pregnant. Describe as elephant,house,melon and etc.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last Monday was my oral exam. It went pretty good. I guess….. Well, the examiners did gave me positive feedbacks to every of my responds, especially my lecture but the problem here is I was not very confident of the answers that I gave and in fact, I can’t even recall anything that was asked. I really hoped that this oral mark will help me in my exam.
By the way, this week is supposed to be my study week. It also went pretty smooth. Honestly, I’m very comfortable with this method of studying. Just make revision about topics that will come out in the exam soon and without having to worry about homework and assignments. I could study whatever subjects that I wanted to at anytime that I like within this week. Of course I need to practice self discipline. Yeah…. It’s pretty hard to resist from watching new movies that my friends brought especially movies that I missed watching in the cinema. That was one of the hardest obstacle. But I made it though. I finished revising 4 subjects in 5 days. I didn’t read all of my notes after all. I just went through all the exam sheets that I’ve done and look for silly mistakes. I prefer to learn from mistakes that I’ve done because from that, I could remember better and plus, that’s how I learn. From mistakes. I’m not a kind of guy who could stare at book for hours because that would definitely burn my bumps. I’m just not that kind of guy. Another learning method that I would prefer is learning directly from a person. That’s just who I am.
I’ll be sitting for mid-year exam next week and one thing that I can be sure is, the marking of the papers would be very strict. So, apiece of advice to myself is, STOP BEING CARELESS..!!! FOCUS and READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY..!! Hopefully these words stick in my head. Good luck to me. May the force be with me……

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just for giggle....

Once upon a time, lived 3 friends. They were Do, Re and Mi. They were best friends and they always shared things with each other. However, these three friends, they have different bad habits. Do loved to get drunk, Re loved women very much and only God knows what he did with them while Mi was a heavy smoker. Despite their different habits, they were still best friends.

One day, while walking together, they found a magic lamp and when they rub it, a green genie came out from the lamp. The genie thanked them for letting him free and as a reward, the genie will grant them three wishes, one wish for every person.
Do wished to have all the good stocks of wines and beers all around the world which can last up to 10 years. Then he asked the genie to lock him with his beverages in a cave and the cave should not be opened until the next 10 years so that no one will disturb him enjoying his drinks.

Re wished for the most beautiful virgins from around the globe coming from every tribe that exists. He, like Do wished also to be kept in a cave, locked so that no one would will disturb him and the same rule that the cave should not be opened for the next 10 years from now. So the genie granted his wish.

Mi on the other hand wished for the most expensive, the most luxurious cigarettes and cigars from the whole world which could also last for 10 years and like his other two friends, he also wished to be locked in a cave and the cave should not be opened until the next 10 years. His wish was also granted and off went the genie.

So, the three friends lived happily inside their cave, enjoying themselves doing things that they loved.

10 years later……
Do’s cave was opened by the genie and Do was found dead as a result of excessive drinking. Then, Re’s cave was opened and he was also found dead because of venereal diseases he got from his own habit. Finally, Mi’s cave was opened, and guess what…..

He walked out from that cave healthily while cursing and swearing at the genie. He said that he wasted 10 years of his life for nothing inside the cave and he wanted refund. The genie did not understand why was he so mad, as he gave Mi everything that he wished for 10 years ago. Then with a very outraging voice, Mi shouted,”You gave me cigars and cigarettes, yes! But you forgot the lighter ,idiot!!!”

*this story was translated from an article that I read and it was not my own idea.... Just wanna share with you guys....

Does a bald man use a shampoo or a soap to wash his scalp? (food for thought) hehehe....

Just a piece of my mind.....

If only I knew life is this demanding, I would prepare myself since the very beginning. Well it’s not to late though to make a preparation for anything that will come. In fact, there is no such thing as “it’s too late for that”. Nothing is too late and instead of whining and swearing around, why don’t you just start something that you thought it’s already too late stuff, now. Procrastination is a species of devil which always hold humankind back. Why start something later? Why not now? It’s not too late to take a master course even when you are 75. Better there is something rather than nothing. Time is precious and as I grow up, I started to learn about something that is very important to humankind and it is also something that we always neglect. Even though it is free, the actual value is priceless and no money in this world can buy it even for one unit. It is also the most powerful element in this world. It decides things. Yes, I’m talking about time. It is very precious and there is also a Verse in the holy Quran describing about TIME. There are also many sayings related to times such as, ”time is gold” and “time and tides wait for no men”. So, time is extremely important to human. Each and every one of us were given a very limited time and it is within the course of lifespan. So, appreciate the time that were given to us. Start something new now and do things which you think worth your time and always spare some time with the beloved ones. For more emotional experience especially related to life experiences, please watch ‘YES MAN’ or ‘the ROCKERS’.

From OST to my heart….

Minutes turning to hours…..
Hours bleeding to days……
It’s been years now since the trouble you left me……
And I wanna say….
I’m NOT bitter….
Because I’ve seen better days…..

No phone call or even a letter….
No words, to call me anything….
It’s been years now….
Since anything could hurt me…..
Through this life….
I’ll take my way…..
I’m NOT bitter…..
Because I’ve seen better days….
*adapted from the song bitter by Teddy Geiger From the movie ROCKERS…. Very inspiring and spirit lifting movie…

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

That old game....

Last two weeks we started to play back a game which we didn’t play for a very long time. The boys (from KBU) and me played rugby. I think that I did not touch a rugby ball for one year plus. Although I used to play this game before, as I was in the secondary school, I don’t have the guts like I used to have during those golden days anymore. It was rather frustrating. I don’t have the confidence to tackle the others anymore. I hesitate every time I try to tackle someone. My confidence is just not with me anymore. Anyhow, my catching ball skill is still inside me. It was very useful for me as I played as a fullback back in those days. I use my chest as I catch the ball and during the first day we played this game, my chest were killing me as it was not as hard as it used to be. That was a disappointment to me as I realized that.
The other element that is vital for every athletes which I used to have was stamina. Every muscle in my body slowly becoming ‘softer’ just after the SPM as I play less sport just after I left school. It’s not easy to build back the stamina especially when we don’t practice self-discipline. It’s easier to lose our stamina rather than building it, just like building. It’s easier to demolish one rather than building one. A building can be demolished just in a few hours or even in a few minutes but to build it, it took years of careful planning and efforts.
I only touched on one type of sport that I used to play by not considering the other type of sports like athletics, volleyball, handball and etc. Hopefully I’m not totally ‘paralyze’. For those athletes who are still active, keep up and always maintain your stamina at the optimum level so that you won’t have to ‘look’ for it once it is lost.